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A Fresh Monthly TOP 10 Selection of Quality Songs

Thanks for checking our monthly TOP10 section. Every month we will highlight a few of our talents and their quality songs. Music ready for sync NOW.
Guess what; we value your presence so much, buy one or all of the tracks below before May 1, 2017 and we will give you 50% discount. Hurry!

Awkward Stace LawrenceTrailer 2:26
Giants MagnusMoone 3:23
I'm Coming Home (Tribe of Noise Version) EricHarper 3:46
World Lift PNFA 6:30
Battle Nightbug 3:38
Break Me (Secret weapoN Remix) AllisonGray 7:26
Strangers runagroundmusic 3:24
Fears SNP 4:05
Supersonic Daydream (with vocals) (Tribe of Noise version) itsviciouskicks 2:51
Wake up Girl amberojeda 5:10
ONE & OTHER Hi-Phi 6:16
Sunset alezz 3:39
I Don't Wanna Change ednapoli 4:31
My Love for House.WAV MariusVanRooyen 3:45
SURVIVE Hyp3rsonic 4:10
Feel The Beat SneakerSnob 5:14