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I´ve been around music and musicians my entire life. Music to me, like religion to other people, plays a huge part in my existence and I could´nt live without it.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
A Man Without Love denniA 4:58
A Smile And A Song denniA 1:10
All I´ll Ever Need denniA 2:24
Another Rainy Day denniA 2:06
Care For You denniA 1:56
Circus In Town denniA 4:31
Drive denniA 2:49
Everyone's Crazy denniA 2:12
Feel Alive denniA 3:54
Fly denniA 4:43
Foolin denniA 3:13
Free denniA 2:15
Garden of Love denniA 2:14
Going My Way denniA 4:45
Lone Heart denniA 2:19
Love is like the wind denniA 2:46
LoveIs Like Magic denniA 5:08
Lovely Sunny Day denniA 2:38
Makes no difference denniA 3:03
Once in a while denniA 2:57
Open Road denniA 3:03
Paciflora DenniA 4:27
Pictureshow denniA 4:40
Reason denniA 3:48
Right Where I wanna Be denniA 4:27
Rusty Disposition denniA 3:02
Shine denniA 5:03
Somewhere down in Nowhere town denniA 3:06
Sunrise by the Seaside denniA 4:30
Sunshine In The Rain denniA 3:02
Take a load off denniA 2:12
The Right Way denniA 3:26
The Train denniA 4:49
Tomorrow denniA 3:50
Tomorrow Comes denniA 4:11
Winter's Coming denniA 3:35
Wonderful Life denniA 3:02
Yesterday denniA 4:17