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Paul, or Paz as his father called him, has been into music since he was a child. His first foray's began when he built drum kits in the back yard in Nth Fitzroy, as a four and five year old, out of any pots, pans, or empty tins that he could scrounge. Also at this time, he lived next door to four teenage brothers who had formed a band, and would let Paul watch them jam and write songs in their front room. The seed had been planted.
At age nine, a friend of the family gave Paul a classical guitar, this was the start of his own musical discovery, the ability to make his own sounds.
Jump forward a couple of years, and a documentary on Liberace put the key board hooks in Paul, he begs his parents for a piano and some lessons, and after some negotiation, his wish is granted. The record buying and the mental sponging of the music scene at the time continues, Paul tinkles away for the next four years or so, picking up the rudiments and the theory, but always still plucking away at the guitar. He decides at about fifteen, that the piano is cool, but you can't move about with it, and that's what he want's to do, and so begins the Jimi Hendrix / mod smash up, noise party that transpired into his involvement with such auspicious suburban legends as, The Undecided, Venus in Furs, House of the criminally insane, Funk Head, Grey Urban Heelers, Prozac jack, Cracklin' Rosie, Alltogether, plus other session stuff with people like AP Johnson and the entire range of 1980's and 90's Fitzroy crew.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Don't Perpertrare Paz 4:55
Life With The Family Paz 3:40
Raindrops Sing A Lullaby Paz 4:38