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I've been Song-writing since age eleven, about 29 years now. When I was 20 I got a record deal from a division of the Sony corporation, along with my fellow band-mates, at the time. I turned it down. I knew God had something better for me.

I have been a keyboard/Piano player, a rapper a guitarist, a bassist and also a drummer and backing vocalist within various bands and "Live" set ups. I'm a singer/songwriter and producer in my own right as well as being a filmmaker and author of 5 books, one of which, "The Stream", is currently available as an e-book at the Amazon Kindle store.

One of the biggest highlights of my gigging career was being invited to play at the international music festival "Celtic Connections".

At heart I'm an Artist and am engaged in every art form I feel led to participate in.

If you ask me who my biggest influence is musically I'm afraid the list will be endless and ever changing. If you ask me who the biggest influence in my life is then I have only one answer worth giving:
It's Jesus!


Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Faith Train VWM 3:36
Ocean VWM 4:36
Oh Jesus! VWM 3:51