RUNAGROUND (the stage
band name for Andy Kirk) has used YouTube to amass fans all over the world. After several years of pounding the pavement as a solo artist, Kirk decided to take his fiery, arresting vocals and record his first music video on his iPhone and post it to YouTube. That cover of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" received
more than 200,000 views and he hasn’t slowed since, creating new content regularly that grows his following by the thousands each week.
With his channel now boasting more than 25 million views
and over 450 thousand weekly Google subscribers, via
YouTube and Google Plus, the
26-year-old artist/producer/ multi-instrumentalist is dedicated to the quality and
original music, which he writes, produces, mixes, and masters himself — a fresh sound that can best be described as
pop-rock with tasty hints of soul. !
His video for his original song “Where Do I Begin,” which mixes emotionally-charged
lyrics with his roaring, pop
vocal, has received more than 178,000 views to date, and leaving thousands of fans wanting more. His highly anticipated debut EP “Anti- Gravity” releases June 30th, 2014. Kirk wrote and produced all of the tracks on the album, proving that his sights are set higher than most other independent acts on YouTube. His clear vision for his music production and unique point of view not only give him something to say, but a fresh, new sound with which to say it.

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