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SmarTune produces different styles of music for TV, film, commercials and presentations, using live instruments like flute, guitars and violins to give each song a unique character and lively feel - perfect for your next project.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Big Band Opener SmarTune 1:45
Child's Play SmarTune 1:15
Child's Play 2 SmarTune 2:04
cinematic trailer SmarTune 2:34
Funky Summer SmarTune 1:32
Gentle background music SmarTune 1:59
Hello Radio SmarTune 0:37
Move on SmarTune 2:12
New day is coming SmarTune 2:24
Samba Jazz SmarTune 3:08
Soft intimate piano SmarTune 2:25
Street musicians SmarTune 1:36
Thank you SmarTune 2:08
The Road Home SmarTune 1:49
The Success Train SmarTune 2:22