Oskar Christian is an acclaimed Latin jazz, World fusion composer and record producer of austrian origin. With a musical inspiration of traditional music such as different cultures and ethnics of the world. That has spanned than two decades further he has become respected as one of the influiential guitarrists in world fusion and Latin jazz with his own style. He played in more than 40 countries around the world such as : U.S.A., Italia, France, Austria, Hungaria, Mexico etc. The guitar-player which was making researches of fusions with different musicians and styles in austria, france, mexico, spain, usa and italy etc. arround the world experianced with mariachis from mexico such as gypsies in spain . His style starts with flamenco (rumba) goes into samba and son (mariachi, jarocho, huasteco) and uses also latin/jazz and gypsy/jazz as a spice.

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