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Delta Worldwide Group was founded in 2011 in Russian Federation. DWG includes six electronic labels (Black Delta Records, White Delta Records, Sanex Music, Eastar Records, SM Records, TechNut Records).The main field of activity of this label is release of music on physical and digital media in such genres as deep, dub and minimal techno, house. The main focus is made on musicians creating interesting, high-quality electronic music, who have already acquired popularity worldwide and released a great number of digital singles and albums.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Beautiful People deltaworldwidegroup 3:22
CatchAll - Jellyfish is deltaworldwidegroup 5:35
Clam&Risk - Sky deltaworldwidegroup 4:18
Cooleejeff - Limetime deltaworldwidegroup 3:05
Crono - Kiss Of Spring deltaworldwidegroup 7:44
Dima Suvorov - Magical flight deltaworldwidegroup 3:44
Dima Suvorov - Sensitive evening deltaworldwidegroup 2:52
DimaY - Summer Ballad (Original mix) deltaworldwidegroup 6:21
DimaY - Summer Ballad (Sergey UpCent remix) deltaworldwidegroup 7:28
Dise - Chocolate deltaworldwidegroup 4:48
Dise - Gravity deltaworldwidegroup 4:25
Dise - Summer breathe deltaworldwidegroup 5:13
Dise - The Black Sea deltaworldwidegroup 5:08
Kobba - Twilo deltaworldwidegroup 5:55
L5where Movement - Absolutely Obvious (Original Mix) deltaworldwidegroup 5:51
RIF - Girl deltaworldwidegroup 3:58
RIF - I'm Looking For Revenge deltaworldwidegroup 4:30
RIF - It's Raining Again deltaworldwidegroup 6:17
RIF - Just Let Me deltaworldwidegroup 3:28
RIF - Lost My Mind deltaworldwidegroup 3:22
RIF - Ordinary Morning deltaworldwidegroup 4:13
RIF - Reality deltaworldwidegroup 3:55
Roman Degree - Shiza! (Original mix) deltaworldwidegroup 9:28
Vaka - Stardust deltaworldwidegroup 6:09