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Monyea Crawford and Richard Rollie, multi talented Engineers and producers are LoveChild Productions. The Dynamic production team who put ATLANTA on the map. With production partner Dallas Austin and Diva One Entertainment; Crawford and Rollie have worked with and Are directly responsible for helping to shape the sound of many Who have had the pleasure of entertaining the masses? Crawford and Rollie have been a part of the artistry of TLC, Boyz II Men, Lloyd, N- Toon, Tony Rich and Arrested Development, to name a few. Grammy Award Winning Engineer Alvin Speights, welcomed their talent and unified Creativity. Then there was Dionne Farris, The Vybe Chyle, William Burke, Dave Mathews, Jagged Edge, 112, Joi, Anthony David, Klymaxx, Van Hunt, the notorious Randy Jackson from American Idol, Jesse Johnson of The Time, and The soulful Jill Scott. After lending their creative talent to shine Their light on the platform of the many careers that have Entertained us. There are new acts, for a new day signed to LoveChild Productions. Prepare yourself to experience the Whimsical talent of what happens when you mix classical opera Vocals with modem pop, and R&B, she is Jessica Jolia. Made By Self is the pop band with alternative rock and blues issues,Hence Ni-gel is most assuredly R&B at its finest. And the Dirty Deacon yes the Dirty Deacon what more can be said. Welcome to LoveChild Productions!

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
465454 LCPmusic 3:32
AMY Lcpmusic 3:31
anything Lcpmusic 3:46
Around the world Lcpmusic 3:51
BASSEM Lcpmusic 3:30
be the one tk Lcpmusic 3:31
C III Lcpmusic 3:24
count down Lcpmusic 4:24
Dance the night away Lcpmusic 2:55
Far Away Lcpmusic 3:04
Get away Lcpmusic 3:50
getit Lcpmusic 2:35
Go Girl Lcpmusic 3:21
Gold Lcpmusic 5:13
happy remix-inst Lcpmusic 3:17
Hydro Lcpmusic 3:21
Hydro Lcpmusic 3:21
I Got LCPmusic 4:08
Inquiring Hearts Lcpmusic 3:45
Love Meter Lcpmusic 4:09
Obsession Lcpmusic 4:07
Oh Yell Lcpmusic 4:21
Settle the score Lcpmusic 3:31
skin deep Lcpmusic 3:39
tofu Lcpmusic 2:43
Walk Away Lcpmusic 3:46
WARRIOR Lcpmusic 4:13
Your love is all I need Lcpmusic 3:35
You're the one for me Lcpmusic 3:14