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Tate Simms was born in manhattan and raised on­ the best music ever written. Tate is also a very accomplished vocalist/guitarist/bassist/songwriter and producer.

He has already made an impact on the planet as a live performer for many artists. Touring the globe with the likes of grammy award winning vocalist Christina Aguillera, Mary Wilson of the legendary Supremes, Globus, the new Ray Charles Orchestra, George Benson, Sheryl Crow, Curtis Blow and Orin Juice Jones. He has jammed with Spencer Davis and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show backing Lisa Marie Presley with the Harlem Gospel Choir. TV appearances with Joe Cocker, sir Cliff Richards and Tony Christie to name a few. Even the classical music of Andre Rieu. Tate was also the musical director for Latoya Jackson.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Angel Eyes tatesimms 2:45
Anxiety tatesimms 1:27
Battalion tatesimms 2:34
City Moves 1 tatesimms 4:14
Climactic tatesimms 1:00
Desperate Times tatesimms 2:04
Dominion tatesimms 1:50
Everybody Shout tatesimms 3:28
Ghetto tatesimms 3:58
Heart Land tatesimms 1:03
Kill It tatesimms 3:11
Live Fantasy tatesimms 2:12
Massive Assault tatesimms 2:12
Mellow Dee tatesimms 1:04
Morning Dew tatesimms 1:28
Night Crawler tatesimms 1:12
Private Promise tatesimms 3:09
Regiment tatesimms 2:06
Retribution tatesimms 2:00
Rowdy Rock tatesimms 1:21
Saving Grace tatesimms 1:57
Shake V2 tatesimms 4:10
Tiny One tatesimms 1:08
War Lock tatesimms 2:58
Warrior tatesimms 3:33
Wind Chaser tatesimms 3:10