We offer 3 licenses. Each license covers one song per unique project. Except when used for intros / outros. In this case you can reuse the song in all episodes of a podcast / video series without additional licenses. All licenses are non-exclusive and perpetual, meaning the song in the project is covered forever.


  • podcast e.g. intro/outro for series
  • social media e.g. Facebook, TikTok and Instagram
  • online video e.g. YouTube or advertisement
  • independent film, TV, radio, documentary (under €100,000 budget)
  • corporate presentation and/or website
  • indie app (< 1M downloads) or browser based (advert) game
  • theatrical performance


Silver includes Bronze license plus:

  • national advertisement (cable/broadcast + internet)
  • national film, TV, video, radio, documentary (cable/broadcast + internet)
  • corporate presentation (unlimited number of copies)
  • popular, paid app (> 1M downloads)
  • console game under €100,000 budget

GOLD €918

Gold includes Silver license plus:

  • international advertisement (cable/broadcast + internet)
  • international film, TV, video, radio, documentary (cable/broadcast + internet)
  • console games over €100,000 budget

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