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    Title Artist Time
Danger Dance Life BrentinDavis 4:28
Dead Books Of Life BrentinDavis 4:26
Ching Chong Soul BrentinDavis 4:16
A Perfect Ocean Flow BrentinDavis 4:13
Drip And Drive BrentinDavis 3:30
Bad Promise BrentinDavis 4:26
Escape Adventure BrentinDavis 4:05
A Gucci Relief BrentinDavis 3:49
Explain This Stuff BrentinDavis 3:59
Bags In The Hills BrentinDavis 4:27
A Super Dude Flow BrentinDavis 4:12
A Cash Sport BrentinDavis 4:01
A Savage Love BrentinDavis 4:22
Caramel Apple Coupe BrentinDavis 4:05
Smooth Soul Trapish BrentinDavis 4:00
Drippin On The Island BrentinDavis 3:56
That Will Never Hurt Me BrentinDavis 4:03
Who Gonna Stop Me BrentinDavis 4:03
The Last Job Is Done BrentinDavis 4:05
Testing The Teacher BrentinDavis 3:43