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    Title Artist Time
My Bae Bae dicey 3:20
Waves of Almira vspiegel 5:50
Comet Ride vspiegel 5:13
Valley of K'tor vspiegel 5:07
First Star Cluster vspiegel 8:15
Would It Matter Tramaine 3:14
Why Am I Like This Roads 3:18
Blueprint Jahzzar 2:07
Damned Jahzzar 3:06
I Still See Your Ghost Roads 4:59
Hip Hop Super Man BrentinDavis 3:52
Paris French Artnoise 1:53
French ( 1 min ) Artnoise 1:01
Amplified Roads 1:18
Birdy - Ghost in The Wind ( Fall Remix ) FallMusicEntertain 3:27
Drippy Brain Level BrentinDavis 4:10
Don't You Know (f. JustMe & Ruslan of theBREAX) paradoxhiphop 3:39
Paradox & DJ Sean P - Mending (BONUS TRACKS) - 03 Forecast (f. Wonder Brown) paradoxhiphop 3:18
Tell You the Rest When I See You... (Imperial Remix Instrumental) paradoxhiphop 3:11
Day of Rest -Instrumental- paradoxhiphop 3:21