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    Title Artist Time
Somewhere South NathanBrumley 4:08
Then A Hush Instrumental Backing Vocals staticinverona 3:27
Then A Hush Instrumental staticinverona 3:27
Upstairs MagnusMoone 3:17
Trail of Fire MagnusMoone 2:35
Whiplash MagnusMoone 2:48
White Rabbit MagnusMoone 3:01
The Chase MagnusMoone 3:33
Swarm MagnusMoone 1:36
Surge MagnusMoone 3:03
Sudden Impact MagnusMoone 2:31
Swarm (Epic Version) MagnusMoone 1:31
Sea Route (Without Cello) MagnusMoone 3:39
Rolling Thunder (Variation) MagnusMoone 3:20
Rolling Thunder MagnusMoone 3:15
Stone and Bird MagnusMoone 2:08
Serpentines MagnusMoone 3:11
Sand Empire MagnusMoone 3:03
Pillars Of The Sky MagnusMoone 3:16
Outburst MagnusMoone 2:46