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In her newly posted music video clip of “Incognito,” one of the dynamic and infectious pop/rock tracks from Jennifer Logue’s new EP Pretty, the NYC based singer-songwriter strolls through numerous spots in the Big Apple wearing her Jackie O style shades, looking at the sea of crazed humanity around her and singing, “Sometimes I want to be alone.”

The clever, heartfelt track perfectly captures the Philly native’s mixed emotions about living and working in the crazy metropolis. Fortunately for her growing legion of fans, however, she’s sticking things out, determined to thrive as an indie artist while bringing the sunny, optimistic spirit that defines her personality to her catchy, high spirited songs. The only potential drawback? With the budding success of her new 7-tune collection, she’s not going to stay “Incognito” for long!

Logue wrote that particular song when she was working as a bilingual exec assistant at a Latin American hedge fund just after graduating from Fordham University, where she majored in English and Spanish literature and also scored an internship at the legendary Atlantic Records. She didn’t much dig the financial industry job and feels it was akin to selling her soul, but like most indie artists trying to find breakthrough opportunities, it was part of her backup plan--at least for a time while building on her college-era gigs at The Bitter End and The Lion’s Den (now Sullivan Hall). More recently she has performed at The Mad 46 Lounge at the Roosevelt Hotel, the indie hotspot Nublu and Arlene’s Grocery. The job also afforded her a bigger budget—and an overall stronger production—for Pretty than she had on her 2006 four song EP The Woman In Me, which she recorded while she was still attending Fordham.

While “Incognito” lets the listener dig deep into Logue’s life experiences and the jangling rocker “Damned” tackles the double standard women face in the workplace, the engaging, upbeat “Andy Warhol” pop vibe and lyrics of “Pretty” truly set the bright tone of the EP. “That song was inspired when I was dating this great guy towards the end of college,” she says. “I would wake up in the morning feeling pretty because I was so comfortable with myself being with this person I didn’t have to put on airs for. I could just be me and not worry about wearing makeup or fancy clothes.

“Despite the typical challenges that are part of pursuing a career as an independent artist, I still feel pretty,” Logue adds. “I’ve been chastised my whole life for being optimistic, and I think that’s strange. Like the economy, life is going to have its ups and downs but the ride is much more fun if you’re wearing a smile and rose colored sunglasses. I want everyone to see the “pretty side.”

Along the road, the singer—whose influences range from Ella Fitzgerald and the 90s diva trinity of Mariah, Whitney and Celine to Elton John, Billy Joel and Carole King--had a few guardian angels nudging her in that direction. Towards the end of college, she moved to Madrid for a time to study Spanish lit at la Universidad Complutense and stayed at the home of a classical guitar teacher from a local conservatory. When Senora Luisa asked Logue what she was studying, the singer let self-doubt get the best of her and sheepishly replied, “I’m going to be a lawyer” because it sounded safer and more conventional.

One night, Luisa was amazed by the singing and guitar playing she heard from Logue’s bedroom and told her young boarder that she was going to be a singer. After some soul searching, Logue realized her patron was right--music was a passion that wouldn’t let her go. Since then, while writing and recording her own material, she has sung backup for Grammy-winning producers, won national recognition in various vocal and songwriting competitions and performed up and down the East Coast as well as Europe and Latin America.

Logue has also amassed great acclaim from many of the people she has worked with or gigged for. Jamie Carter, V.P. Ruff Ryders Music Lifestyles Division, says, “Although she may be small in stature, she has the heart of Lioness! I can without doubt, see her becoming a successful artist-musician. In this day and age, most artists lack her creativity, originality and energy.” Ken Gorka of the Bitter End states, “I've seen a lot of great musicians come through here and play, and I believe she has the potential to be another if she continues to stay focused.” Michael Maietta of The Lion's Den: “She brought the house down when she performed here, I hope she returns for future showcases, we'd love to have her back!” Even more to the point, Alvin Garrett, lead member of Ruben Studdard’s band Just A Few Cats, maybe said it best: “Jennifer is fire!”

“I’m really enjoying the opportunity to get my songs out there,” says Logue. “My tunes are like my children, and I’m the proud mother who wants to share them with everyone. I love everything about making music, from writing and recording in the studio to jamming with musician friends for fun and doing my own shows. Music is the way I connect with people, and it’s wonderful to wake up every morning and be able to focus on my career. When you’re doing what you are meant to do, everything becomes so clear.”

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