Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page for media makers.

Can I use your music for YouTube?

Yes! All music on Tribe of Noise PRO is checked, approved and curated by our own music department. It is ready for YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Cinnamon.video and many other online media platforms.

But, what if I do receive a copyright infringement claim?

Contact us. In most cases, it's a dodgy claim by a bot. When it happens to be real, we will contact the Tribe artist and instruct him/her to release the claim. In all cases, let us help you, so your project stays safe.

Do I need to credit the Tribe artist?

You don't have to, but of course, it would be wonderful if you do. The same applies to sharing a link with us to your finished media project. Not mandatory, but we love to see how your work and our artist's music align. Drop us an email with a link if you are happy with the end result.

Can I use your music for free in my media?

No. When you license music on Tribe of Noise PRO, you have to pay a fee. It's a one-time fee per song per project. We share this revenue with the participating artists fairly and transparently.

I see 3 license options, which one should I choose?

For most online use, the Bronze license works perfectly. If you are working on a high-end documentary, Netflix series or Hollywood blockbuster we would suggest that you check the Silver and Gold licenses too. To be sure you choose the right license, check our guidance here: Licenses.

In the shopping cart, I also see a license "Platinum". Can you explain?

You probably noticed, as well, that we ask you to contact us. Platinum is our secret weapon: a bespoke version of the song you like. Don't worry, we will contact you first to learn more about your needs. If we think we can help we will brief the Tribe artist about the objective, deadline, budget etc.

Can you summarize the licensing procedure for me?

Sure! Add the songs you like to your shopping cart. When done, go to check out and license. Optional: apply a promotional (discount) code. Next step is to double-check your contact details. After paying for the license, click your profile badge in the top right of the page to find your purchased item(s). The song files are available in WAV quality.

How do I get a promotional code?

Make sure you are signed up (free) and watch for any news from us. From time to time, we offer promotional codes. If you are working for an agency or you wonder if you are entitled to receive a volume discount, please contact us.

I can't log in, help!

Forgot your password? Please use the Forgot Password? option. Any other issues, just contact us.

My question wasn't answered by your FAQ! Help?

Sorry about that! Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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