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Please find our Frequently Asked Questions for media professionals, looking for great original music, below.

If you happen to be a musician with questions about Tribe of Noise PRO, please click here.

Can I use Tribe of Noise PRO?

If you are a video producer, game developer, animator, creative director, brand manager or other professional from any creative industry in need for original music for your project the answer is YES! Welcome!

Why should I use Tribe of Noise PRO?

  • We have the legal stuff covered. Music on Tribe of Noise PRO is ready to be licensed and used immediately.
  • Our optimized search engine makes your life so much easier by saving you precious time.
  • Because you hate stock music and would like to get your hands on some great original music from emerging artists for your next project.
  • You always wondered why music publishers, collection societies or others are in your way: Why not connect with musicians directly through Tribe of Noise?
  • All music on Tribe of Noise PRO was handpicked by our team of music supervisors, is ready to be licensed by you online and downloaded within minutes.
  • We offer you online tools (like our PRO briefing centre) to brief thousands of Tribe artists around the world about your next project and receive custom made content within days.
  • Our focus is to connect musicians and business. Your focus is to get your project finished within the budget and deadlines. Together we'll make it happen!

How do I sign up?

You haven't yet? Create your account easily by registering. If you're not sure how it works, check out our tutorial on signing up.

I can't login, help!

Forgot your username or password or do you keep getting an error when trying to login? Please use the Forgot Password? option. If this still doesn't help you to login, please contact us at info@tribeofnoise.com.

I only want good quality music! How do you make sure of that?

Our Head of Music, Marko Roca, only selects the best tracks for the PRO platform. Only high quality productions make the cut, making it easier for you to save time on finding a good track.

How can I find music?

Haven't you seen our search engine yet? Find the right music by selecting one or more search options like genre, mood, tempo and energy. You can define your search by adding filters like (non) vocals, project and duration.

I can't seem to find the right music, now what?

If none of the tracks on Tribe of Noise PRO fits your project, you can use the Tribe of Noise Virtual Briefing Center. Our Virtual Briefing Center enables you to immediately approach thousands of Tribe of Noise artists. By briefing them about your project they can start creating and uploading music tailored to your professional needs.

How do I get a license for a song?

If you've found the song that fits your project perfectly add it to your shopping cart. When you're done selecting the music, click on 'buy all songs in cart' which will lead you to the licensing page. Select the right license based on the size of your project, proceed to check out and voila!

Make sure you fill in and send us the project description document you receive with the purchase within ten days. This will make your license valid.

What kinds of licenses are there?

Tribe of Noise offers three types of licenses, depending on the size of your project. You can choose for a Bronze (€ 45), Silver (€ 549) or Golden (€ 918) license. If these three licenses aren't covering it, select the Platinum option for a customized license. More information on licenses here.

What do I have to pay?

That depends on the license. Bronze: € 45, Silver: € 549 and Golden: € 918. For a customized Platinum license the prize will be determined after examination of the project proposal. The great thing about music on PRO is that you only pay once, for the license covering your project. No bills from collecting societies for performance royalties afterwards!

I don't want to pay for music, any other options?

Sure! Check out the music in our Community. All songs in the community are available for free under the Creative Commons 3.0 BY-Share Alike license. This means you may use this music for free, even commercially, as long as you attribute the artist and share the resulting work under this same license.

What is the difference between Tribe of Noise PRO and the Tribe of Noise community?

The main difference between the music on Tribe of Noise PRO and the Tribe of Noise community is the type of license under which the music is available. On the community the music is available for free, even commercially, under the Creative Commons 3.0 BY-Share Alike license. Music on PRO is available under a non-exclusive exploitation contract, translated to three types of licenses for which you pay a flat fee.

Another big difference between the two platforms is the music selection. Only high quality music with great sync potential is selected for Tribe of Noise PRO while every artist with a profile in the community can upload as much of their own work as they want.

My question wasn't answered by your FAQ! Help?

Sorry about that! Please don't hesitate to contact our Head of Music, Marko.