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Privacy policy

The privacy of our users is very important. To improve our service, we gather and process your information. In specific cases we are obliged to disclose your information.

As soon as you provide us with personal information, you're no longer anonymous to us. In order to make use of our services (license music for commercial purposes), you are required to fill in our online forms and to provide us with your correct contact information.

Specific information is automatically monitored by us, based on your activities on our site. We use this information for internal research about our users, their interests and their behaviour, always with the intent to improve our service.

Some pages on our site employ cookies. Cookies are tiny files that are copied to your hard drive and that enable us to provide you with information that is tuned to your interests.

If you send us personal correspondence, such as email or letters we can collect this information about you in a separate file.

How we make use of your information

We use the information that we collect about you, along with other information that we obtain, based on your past and present activities on the site, in order to settle disputes, solve problems, and enforce compliance with our User's Agreement and regulations.

You agree that we can use your personal information to improve our marketing and promotional activities, to analyse site usage, to improve the content and services we offer, and thereby to gear our content, presentation and offered services to your wishes. All this will result in the improvement of our site and its being better attuned to your needs.

How we disclose your information

Tribe of Noise will not sell or let your personal information to a third party for the purpose of marketing without your express permission.

Our site offers (payment) services that are delivered by external service providers. If you decide to make use of these services, to deliver some of your personal information to the external service providers, and/or to give them permission to collect information about you, then the use that these service providers make of your information will be guided by their own privacy policy.

We may make use of a third party as an internal service provider to facilitate our services and may therefore deliver some of your personal information to them. In that case we will strictly control their permissions to access, use and divulge your personal information.

We respond to requests from judicial authorities and similar institutions, to share personal information of users for the purpose of enforcing the law, intellectual property rights or other rights. We may (and you authorise us to) provide all information about you, including your name, complete address, telephone number and email address to representatives of the law or authorities, if we deem it necessary or appropriate.

We cannot guarantee that your personal messages or other personal information will never be disclosed in a manner which is different from those described in this Privacy Policy. For example, a third party may maliciously or illegally intercept (like fishing) or obtain access to personal information. So in spite of the fact that our privacy protection practices conform to currently valid business standards, we cannot promise, and you should not count on it, that your personal data or personal messages will always remain confidential.

Managing your password

Never disclose your password to a third party. If you decide to share your login details with a third party, then you will be responsible for all the actions that are taken under your username and password and therefore you should assess the privacy policy of the third party involved.


We apply several security measures in order to protect your personal data from loss and unauthorized access by users inside or outside the company. However, be aware that perfect security on the internet does not exist.


We retain the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Therefore you are advised to check it regularly.