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Recording artist, teacher, and composer, Victor Spiegel's study of world music cultures gives his music an added edge and depth. He began composing at 15, after having studied piano for 10 years then attended California Institute of the Arts, where he studied composition with Harold Stein, Harold Budd, Jim Tenney, and others.
A deep love of Indian music brought him to learn from Ravi Shankar, Haral Rao, and Amiyo Das Gupta. Spiegel continued his music education earning a BA at the University of California, and an MA in Music Composition from Mills College, studying with Lou Harrison and Terry Riley.
Spiegel's singular piano sound is a fusion of lush harmonies and rhythms of jazz, classical and musical influences from India, Japan, Indonesia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He continues to score for film, television, theater, dance and other media.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Blue Piano Impromptu vspiegel 4:33
Chase3 vspiegel 2:30
Creation vspiegel 3:25
Creation44 vspiegel 3:26
HALLWAY1 vspiegel 1:49
I Dance With Dead People vspiegel 2:52
in the wall vspiegel 1:05
Kraken vspiegel 3:44
Minor Theme vspiegel 2:56
Miranda vspiegel 2:08
My Ka vspiegel 7:07
Not That Room vspiegel 1:58
Overture1 vspiegel 2:29
Quest part 1 vspiegel 7:22
Sea of Love vspiegel 7:32
Snakeyes vspiegel 3:32
Soundcloudy With A Chance of Joy vspiegel 3:45
SPRING DAY vspiegel 2:22
Tasser vspiegel 2:43
TEMPEST3 vspiegel 5:08
Trutom vspiegel 2:20
WALTZ vspiegel 3:01