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Started out with FL studio and guitar trax pro...now I prefer Logic.

Mostly into electronic/dancey type stuff, but have experience producing all genres from film scores to rock arrangements

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Breakaway ekolbatx 3:43
Chill Out Bells ekolbatx 1:00
Dreamy Guitars ekolbatx 1:00
Explambience - Redux ekolbatx 3:07
Fun And Free ekolbatx 1:00
Happy Go Lucky ekolbatx 0:41
Laidback Groove_1min ekolbatx 1:00
Leave My Head ekolbatx 3:42
Oceans 111 ekolbatx 3:39
Ride of Your Life ekolbatx 3:33
Sunday Drive ekolbatx 1:41
The Garden ekolbatx 2:24
Tug Of War ekolbatx 3:42
Upbeat Jogger ekolbatx 1:01
Your Way ekolbatx 3:39