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Nathan won Embassy Music’s national songwriting contest in 2000 which subsequently led to his move from Boise, ID to the music mecca of the south Nashville, TN. He’s previously had 2 publishing deals with Embassy Music and Brandon Hills Publishing and has completed his 6th full length album. He is currently the second place winner in the USA Songwriting Competition and was voted best 14 acts of the Southeast by Discmakers 2007.His music is clearly remindful of piano banging crooners like David Gray, Ben Folds Five, and Gavin Degraw.

In addition to that, Nathan is a writer for the Songs Of Love Organization which writes customized songs for kids with terminal illneses. Nathan also is the music chairman and performer for the Nashville Chapter Lupus foundation. He’s had 3 songs picked up by Warner Brothers Telepictures Music and was the artist of the month with them in March 2009-also the same month that Trailer Park Music picked up his song “Love Outside the Lines” for “Grey’s Anatomy.” In addition he got a song picked up by a new reality show called “Palisade Pool Party”. He’s had cuts with Robert Mauti, Angela Josephine, Jason Cox, Ten Mile Drive, Jennifer Willoughby, Candice Clark, Bailey Birge, and Joe Nash. Recently he was selected for artist of the week spotlight for Lightning 100, had a round with Keith Stegall and placed in the top 3 in the Music City Song search.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
12 Steps NathanBrumley 3:36
Afraid Of My Heart NathanBrumley 2:28
After The Storms NathanBrumley 4:36
Alive NathanBrumley 3:14
Alive In The Fire NathanBrumley 4:23
Alone NathanBrumley 3:51
Angel Trace NathanBrumley 4:24
Back To Life NathanBrumley 5:58
Banjo Music wav NathanBrumley 3:26
Bitter Sweet NathanBrumley 3:37
Blacklist 2 NathanBrumley 6:23
Break Me Down NathanBrumley 5:13
Break You NathanBrumley 4:12
Breathless NathanBrumley 5:11
Broken Shadows NathanBrumley 4:23
bump in the night (Q-bow remix) NathanBrumley 5:00
Bump In The Night (Time to Dance Remixx By Nick Furyy) NathanBrumley 4:57
Bump In The Night(DJDomGuyRemix) NathanBrumley 5:39
Bump into the Night (DrayMan remix) NathanBrumley 4:45
Bump Into The Night (Secret weapoN Remix) NathanBrumley 4:45
Can't Touch You 1 min clip NathanBrumley 1:02
Can't Touch You 30 sec NathanBrumley 0:31
Chasing Sun NathanBrumley 5:06
Close To Nothing NathanBrumley 6:21
Color Me Lonely NathanBrumley 5:38
Complicated (Instrumental) NathanBrumley 4:53
Curious Mix 2 NathanBrumley 3:35
Deep 4 U (SOUTH BLAST! 'Deep In Bounce' Remix) NathanBrumley 5:04
Deep For You (2) NathanBrumley 5:05
Directionless NathanBrumley 3:20
Do You NathanBrumley 3:30
Dreams NathanBrumley 6:16
Dreams (4 bar loop redo) NathanBrumley 0:07
Electric Fireflies (Instrumental) NathanBrumley 3:49
Endless World NathanBrumley 2:04
Equilibrium NathanBrumley 3:13
Eternity NathanBrumley 4:27
Faded Ghost-.wav 3:27
Fall For You NathanBrumley 4:09
Feel Me NathanBrumley 4:30
Firefly Smile NathanBrumley 5:18
Games That Play Us (Instrumental) NathanBrumley 3:39
Ghost NathanBrumley 2:36
Glimpse Of Forever NathanBrumley 5:06
Go Is Down NathanBrumley 2:17
GOIN NOWHERE NathanBrumley 3:13
Gray Sun NathanBrumley 4:35
GROWN NathanBrumley 3:37
Hate Is Safer Than Love (Instrumental) NathanBrumley 2:46
Have It All (4 bar loop) NathanBrumley 0:08
Here In Heaven NathanBrumley 5:07
I Say Love.wav 4:17
In The Ground NathanBrumley 4:02
Inner Space NathanBrumley 4:49
Invincible NathanBrumley 2:37
It's True NathanBrumley 4:51
Jaded Love NathanBrumley 3:07
Just Look Up NathanBrumley 3:58
Just Stand (Instrumental) NathanBrumley 4:54
Kiss The Pacific.wav 3:30
Last Dance NathanBrumley 3:20
Last Summer NathanBrumley 4:03
Left Behind NathanBrumley 3:21
Life Before Living NathanBrumley 2:53
Life Blinks.wav 3:09
Lift Me NathanBrumley 3:24
LIfted NathanBrumley 3:17
Like Electric Fireflies NathanBrumley 3:50
Like Stars NathanBrumley 2:52
Little Secrets (INSTRUMENTAL) NathanBrumley 4:59
Live In Me NathanBrumley 4:34
Live Right Now NathanBrumley 2:26
Live Right Now (4 bar loop) NathanBrumley 0:08
Loaded Hearts NathanBrumley 4:55
Love & Sunshine NathanBrumley 3:54
Love And Sunshine (Instrumental) NathanBrumley 3:53
Love You All Over NathanBrumley 4:39
Mantra NathanBrumley 5:34
Melt Into Me NathanBrumley 1:16
Mind Over Mercy (4 bars loop) NathanBrumley 0:09
Naked NathanBrumley 3:55
Naked (4 bar loop) NathanBrumley 0:08
Never Be NathanBrumley 5:06
Night Is Our Day (1 min clip) NathanBrumley 1:00
Night Is Our Day (4 bar loop) NathanBrumley 0:07
No Heart To Break NathanBrumley 2:02
No Room NathanBrumley 6:46
No Way NathanBrumley 5:34
Not The Last.wav 3:56
On Fire NathanBrumley 2:55
One Lov3 NathanBrumley 4:30
One Love (Instrumental) NathanBrumley 5:11
Only Miles Of Sky NathanBrumley 5:08
Other Side Of A Dream NathanBrumley 5:44
Out On A Word NathanBrumley 3:53
Paradise NathanBrumley 4:02
Performamce 30 sec NathanBrumley 0:31
Performance (DFI mix) NathanBrumley 4:18
Performance 1 min clip NathanBrumley 1:06
Performance 4 bar loop NathanBrumley 0:09
Performance Of Her Life NathanBrumley 3:51
Polarity.wav 3:28
Rain NathanBrumley 3:48
Rearrange Us NathanBrumley 1:55
Relapse On You.wav 4:27
Remember NathanBrumley 2:44
Rest Of Me (instrumental) NathanBrumley 3:08
Ride The Night NathanBrumley 5:11
Riptide (Instrumental) NathanBrumley 5:00
Safer Than Love NathanBrumley 2:47
Save You NathanBrumley 4:31
Say It NathanBrumley 3:45
Second Wind.wav 4:03
Shadows NathanBrumley 2:57
Shining In The Night NathanBrumley 4:11
Sky Alive NathanBrumley 1:47
SLOW BREWING NathanBrumley 3:16
So Fragile NathanBrumley 3:09
Soar NathanBrumley 5:08
Somewhere South NathanBrumley 4:08
Stained Glass Sadness NathanBrumley 5:51
Strive NathanBrumley 3:35
Summer Of Love NathanBrumley 3:47
Summer Of Our Life.wav 3:36
Sun Stained Sky.wav 5:20
Sundown NathanBrumley 4:41
Taking Shots NathanBrumley 4:11
Tangled Halo.wav 3:33
The Best Thing NathanBrumley 3:14
The Night Is Our Day NathanBrumley 3:15
The Rest Of Me NathanBrumley 3:09
The Rest Of Me.wav 3:09
The Wall NathanBrumley 5:22
This Is Tonight NathanBrumley 4:16
This Summer NathanBrumley 2:13
Tides (Instrumental) NathanBrumley 3:39
Tundra (Instrumental) NathanBrumley 4:00
Turn The Pages NathanBrumley 2:00
Victim (Instrumental) NathanBrumley 5:00
Water NathanBrumley 4:14
We Are Invincible NathanBrumley 4:20
We Need Each Other (intrumental).aif 5:36
We Need Each Other.wav 5:41
We're in Heaven (instrumental) NathanBrumley 5:00
What Drives The Nail NathanBrumley 6:02
Wild NathanBrumley 4:42
Wild (4 bar loop) NathanBrumley 0:08
Yesterday's Pieces NathanBrumley 5:55
You & I NathanBrumley 5:06
You Can Be NathanBrumley 3:00
Young Again NathanBrumley 3:05