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Ard Eevin is a collective of musicians singer/songwriter Mike Lizarraga has enjoyed performing and recording with throughout the years. These include the first two musicians he ever played with, James Graham (drums) and Rob Gallagher (guitar/bass). Other musicians include Joseph Algiers Jr. (Piano, Organ), Jason Hemmens (sax), and Ryan Sherman (guitar) and Tina Guo (cello).

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
5. Playful Eyes ArdEevin 4:39
Ayo! Ayo! ArdEevin 6:09
Crashing Down ArdEevin 3:56
Good Times ArdEevin 4:18
Hello, I'm Broken ArdEevin 4:09
Last Night I Dreamt... ArdEevin 4:39
Lullaby ArdEevin 4:33
People, People ArdEevin 4:16
Playground ArdEevin 4:16
Tomorrow, Will I See? ArdEevin 4:23
Tonight ArdEevin 3:29