I am writing to introduce you to Safro Manzangi ‘Safroman’, bandleader, grand rhythm guitarist, songwriter, composer, singer, and arranger from DR Congo. Known as the High Priest, Safro plays music with the authority of a man who helped to create the new wave of Rumba Lingala in 80's Kinshasa known as soukous.

Congolese rumba or soukous is both highly melodic and guaranteed to have any audience dancing. Safro performs with his backing band – the SafroMan Band – and a performance takes us through a number of musical styles, including the classic rumba of both Franco and Tabu Ley, as well as the more modern styles exemplified by Congolese world music artists such as Papa Wemba and King Kester. It may even stray into a little Reggae and funk territory.

Safro himself has a long musical history and is a prolific composer. He scored his biggest hits in the Kinshasa music scene of the late 1980s, not least a song called Ata Mpiaka – which is pretty much known to anyone who grew up in Kinshasa during the period. His biography (see attached) reads like a collaborative ‘who’s who’ of Congolese music, having worked with artists such as Grand Kalle, Franco Luambo Makiadi, Papa Wemba and King Kester Emeneya amongst many others.

Since his arrival in the UK in 1991, Safro and his band have appeared on both national TV and Radio and have also appeared as guest performers at the prestigious WOMAD festival, as well as at both public and private events across the UK. Safro has also manufactured and released his own CDs here and is a Scarman Trust award winner for his services in teaching and mentoring young people in music and the arts.

Please find attached a full biography for Safro enclosed. And do not hesitate to contact him should you require any further information on either the artist or booking the band.

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