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Back To Blue was formed in Waxahachie, Texas in 2004 by Eric Jordan (lead vocal/guitar) and Rick Fontaine (guitar/vocal). Through several line-up changes, the band finally found it's sound with the additions of Paul Blanchard (bass/vocal) and Carl Edmison (drums/vocal). While playing frequently around North Texas, Back To Blue found the time to self-release our own CD's of original music, including 2007's "The 13th Day" and most recently with "Songs For Conjuring, Vol 1" released in 2011.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Blame (2014 Version) backtoblue 4:01
Dry Creek Bed backtoblue 4:21
Everything Else backtoblue 4:31
Gonendidit backtoblue 4:12
Heart Belongs to the Highway backtoblue 2:41
Lately backtoblue 4:00
Nightfall (2014 Version) backtoblue 4:36
No Absolutes (2014 Version) backtoblue 6:25
No Name Blues (2014 Version) backtoblue 3:38
Now You Know backtoblue 4:23
Save My Soul backtoblue 5:29
Somebodys Calling My Name (2014 Version) backtoblue 3:13
Take Back backtoblue 4:24
Trouble On My Mind (2014 Version) backtoblue 3:31
Waves (2014 Version) backtoblue 6:11