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CHIMS is a producer who over the years have been making music in different genres, mainly hiphop and electronic variations. More recently experimenting with music hard to define genrewise, but somewhere in the post-dubstep area. Usually with a mellow vibe; music to provoke thoughts and ideas or simply take a break and relax.

The music is great for visual projects like film, television or animation but works excellent with pretty much any media.

CHIMS is just warming up, so sit back, close your eyes and vibe.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Agent Orange Chims 3:17
Berlin Chims 3:01
Bleach Chims 4:49
Fighting to forget Chims 5:14
Fighting to Forget (full length loopable version) Chims 3:41
Fighting to Forget (NEW MOOD - 60 second version) Chims 1:02
Fighting to Forget (Stinger) Chims 0:12
Fighting to Forget (underscore) Chims 5:14
Forest Chims 3:43
In the backseat Chims 3:56
Last known Surroundings Chims 2:29
Monk on the Moon Chims 4:37
No Name Chims 3:49
Placebo Chims 5:05
Redemption Chims 4:14
RUINS DONE Chims 9:47
Soleil Chims 4:23
Sunny Beach Chims 5:08
The Birds Chims 3:08
Within Range Chims 2:45