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The Breculê band dedicates itself to Brazilian music in all of its instrumental, rhythmic, harmonic and poetic possibilities. Delicate compositions and bold arrangements infuse from traditional regional styles like maracatus and baiões to percussive waltzes and sambas, leading to renewed hybrid rhythms that explore various tonalities and instrumental combinations. In Breculê’s music, familiar sounds gain new textures and find new paths.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Alma Partida brecule 4:02
Anauê Exú brecule 4:27
Barruada Gá Gá (Instrumental) brecule 3:13
Barruada Gá-Gá brecule 3:44
Bem-Te-Vi brecule 2:48
Breculê brecule 2:30
D'Ela brecule 3:44
Lágrimas do Tempo brecule 4:10
Réquiem Para a Infância brecule 5:46
Samba do Lago brecule 3:59
Vai Que a Vida Quer Levar brecule 5:35
Vidas Volantes (Duna) brecule 6:44