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Hi i'm Sam Gallagher. I'm a Glsagow-based musician/producer and i just love creating music. I've written and recorded a lot of songs over the years and just want people to enjoy listening to the songs i write.

On my profile you can hear songs i've written by myself as well as songs i've written with other people.

I'd like to be able to do music full time and generate a stable income from it.

I hope you enjoy listening to my music.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
A Little More Grace (edit) SamGallagher 3:08
Always On My Mind (edit) SamGallagher 3:06
Ambience (new edit) SamGallagher 3:22
American Summer (new edit) SamGallagher 1:24
Amy (edit) SamGallagher 4:09
Another World (edit) SamGallagher 3:00
Battle (edit) SamGallagher 3:32
Battle on the Horizon (new edit) SamGallagher 2:03
Be My Girl (edit) SamGallagher 2:42
Biker Tune (new edit) SamGallagher 0:51
Brand New Day (edit) SamGallagher 4:13
Breathe (new edit) SamGallagher 3:51
Celtic Waltz (edit) SamGallagher 2:08
Claire (edit) SamGallagher 3:33
Closer (edit) SamGallagher 3:56
Comfort (new edit) SamGallagher 2:07
Crossroads (edit) SamGallagher 3:39
Destiny Connect (new edit) SamGallagher 1:55
Don't Blame Me (edit) SamGallagher 3:01
Don't Leave Now (edit) SamGallagher 3:37
Dreamer (new edit) SamGallagher 6:35
Drown (Edit) SamGallagher 3:29
End of the War (new edit) SamGallagher 1:36
Energy (edit) SamGallagher 2:51
Everything's Alright (new edit) SamGallagher 2:26
Gaia SamGallagher 2:27
Gemma (edit) SamGallagher 2:50
Going Home (edit) SamGallagher 3:56
Goodbye (new edit) SamGallagher 3:10
Great Big Heart (instr) SamGallagher 3:04
Grooving (new edit) SamGallagher 2:36
Head Over Heels (edit) SamGallagher 3:17
Here With You (edit) SamGallagher 3:08
Hold On (edit) SamGallagher 4:49
Horizons (edit) SamGallagher 1:54
I Got The Blues (edit) SamGallagher 2:38
I Wanna be a Superhero (edit) SamGallagher 2:50
In A Loop (edit) SamGallagher 2:33
Irresistible (edit) SamGallagher 3:38
Jungle Mission SamGallagher 2:06
Just Chillin (new edit) SamGallagher 1:30
Laid Back (new edit) SamGallagher 1:15
Last Forever (edit) SamGallagher 3:33
Leave (edit) SamGallagher 3:12
Leave Tonight (edit) SamGallagher 4:39
Leaving On The Lights (edit) SamGallagher 3:53
Life In The Park (edit) SamGallagher 3:38
Life is Peachy (new edit) SamGallagher 0:57
Lullabye SamGallagher 3:59
Magic Bones (edit) SamGallagher 3:04
Martian Sunrise (New Edit) SamGallagher 2:18
New Light (edit) SamGallagher 3:19
Noticed (edit) SamGallagher 3:21
On The Cross (instr) SamGallagher 3:20
Onwards and Upwards SamGallagher 2:12
Opportunity (edit) SamGallagher 3:21
Peace (new edit) SamGallagher 3:06
Please (edit) SamGallagher 2:58
Pretend (edit) SamGallagher 3:17
Pretend (Piano Version) (edit) SamGallagher 4:11
Ready To Live (edit) SamGallagher 4:44
Realise (edit) SamGallagher 3:27
Relaxation (new edit) SamGallagher 2:56
Ride (edit) SamGallagher 2:33
Road To Nowhere (edit) SamGallagher 4:11
Rock (new edit) SamGallagher 1:42
Rock 2 (new edit) SamGallagher 2:15
Rocket (edit) SamGallagher 3:00
Serenity (new edit) SamGallagher 2:27
Shuffling Along (new edit) SamGallagher 1:43
Soft Rock (new edit) SamGallagher 1:22
Soothing (new edit) SamGallagher 3:31
Still Hope (edit) SamGallagher 4:15
Stratosphere (edit) SamGallagher 3:03
Talk To Me (edit) SamGallagher 3:09
Tele Blues (edit) SamGallagher 2:41
The Car Song (edit) SamGallagher 2:19
The Dawn Is Breaking (edit) SamGallagher 2:26
The Dog Song (instr) SamGallagher 1:12
The Final March SamGallagher 2:31
The Hardest Fight (edit) SamGallagher 4:13
The Journey Home SamGallagher 2:11
The Land of Bizarre (new edit) SamGallagher 0:50
The Whole World Stops (edit) SamGallagher 3:03
The World Falls Away (edit) SamGallagher 3:03
Traffic Lights (edit) SamGallagher 3:26
Truth That Never Dies (edit) SamGallagher 3:19
Walls (edit) SamGallagher 4:31
We Only Live Once (edit) SamGallagher 4:12
What It's Like (edit) SamGallagher 2:46
What We've Waited For (edit) SamGallagher 3:13
What Wonders (instr) SamGallagher 4:16
When You Smile (edit) SamGallagher 2:56
Wish I Had (instr) SamGallagher 3:47
With the Rhythm (new edit) SamGallagher 2:53
Worth The Fight (edit) SamGallagher 2:54