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Static in Verona is the work of Chicago musician Rob Merz, creating dreamy power pop weaving around an eclectic mixture of experimental, electronic and rock, bursting with creativity and intrigue. A towering mass of sound build round an uplifting, emotively powerful choruses and epic arrangements.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Anyone Anymore staticinverona 3:33
Anyone Anymore Instrumental staticinverona 3:33
Blink staticinverona 3:53
Daggers staticinverona 2:42
Daggers Instrumental staticinverona 2:42
Effigy staticinverona 3:03
Effigy Instrumental staticinverona 3:03
Forgetful staticinverona 3:41
Forgetful Instrumental staticinverona 3:42
Future Ghosts staticinverona 3:29
Future Ghosts Instrumental staticinverona 3:29
Heavy Hands staticinverona 2:46
Heavy Hands Instrumental staticinverona 2:47
Last Night staticinverona 2:28
Last Night staticinverona 2:27
Madeline staticinverona 3:23
Madeline staticinverona 3:23
Silent Sky staticinverona 2:34
Silent Sky (Instrumental) staticinverona 2:34
Sleeping In (Dreams) staticinverona 3:26
Sleeping In (Dreams) staticinverona 3:26
The Royal We staticinverona 3:03
The Royal We Instrumental staticinverona 3:03
Then a Hush staticinverona 3:23
Then A Hush Instrumental staticinverona 3:27
Then A Hush Instrumental Backing Vocals staticinverona 3:27