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Smallest real name Filip Kares, a young and talented dj and producer. He comes from a small North Bohemian town of Kadan. It focuses mainly on the EDM (electronic dance music) and can be proud of their own creation, which was started as early as 16 years and are constantly trying to improve it. He collaborates with vocal singer charity that gives his songs a certain charm. Among the most famous of these include "Girls," "Chill", "No stress, go hard" or "Forever Alone". Among other things, you can find him at a mixer at clubs across the country. 2014 he successfully kicked a career, because the action Koolture Warmp mix up in Usti nad Labem finished third. In 2016 he continues to produce music and deliver new tracks like Run Away, Stamp Up, My, Erratic , Clap Your Hands etc. In 2016, in collaboration with DJ Scvadrers and singer Bharat EM issued an anthem for Kiss Radio (South Bohemia) called "Léto v Nás.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Chill djkarda 2:54
Feel the Beat djkarda 4:09
I Hope you Feel me ( Original mix ) djkarda 4:23
Turn Up the Bass djkarda 3:22