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Garmisch is a pop/electronica-act from Malmö, Sweden. They have released two albums on the american label Blocsonic, been featured in movies, videos, tv and radio shows in several different countries. Find out more on Spotify, Itunes, Blocsonic.com and Garmisch.se or get in touch with them on garmisch@garmisch.se.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
And Now We Stand Against the Wall Garmisch 6:21
City Sounds Garmisch 5:32
City Sounds 45 sec loop 1 Garmisch 0:52
City Sounds vocal part 1 Garmisch 0:53
Courtesy of Steven Wright Garmisch 2:47
Ebrained Garmisch 4:46
Facing the Sea Garmisch 3:50
Glimmer Garmisch 4:34
Native Son Garmisch 6:16
Sole (Fire & Ice) Garmisch 2:39
They Seem To Be Intelligent Garmisch 2:52
Uddling Garmisch 4:58