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Multi-instrumentalist Sven "Missu" Missullis started his career under the name of Reebosound in 2005. His music is mainly influenced by 90's-Indie, Grunge and Psychedelic-Stoner. It is always melodic and groovy.

After touring and releasing records with several bands on different instruments he decided to do everything on his own. Very soon after releasing his first mini-album "demos" he was featured on many websites, radiostations and magazines. His following two albums (selftitled, 2006 / this is reebosound, 2010) got lots of amazing press feedback from all around the world. Songs were used for movies and commercials. He´d set up a band and played shows in front of 50 - 10.000 people in Germany, UK and the Netherlands.

The music of Sven Missullis/Reebosound is often discribed as unconventional, vividly and refreshing. That sort of music that grows whenever listening to it.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
a new menace REEBOSOUND 2:47
bad luck Reebosound 2:18
bonnie and clyde revisited Reebosound 2:55
broken glass Reebosound 3:22
change the subject Reebosound 3:15
dark water Reebosound 3:11
deleted scenes Reebosound 3:51
don´t panic Reebosound 2:11
down Reebosound 2:28
ghost lights Reebosound 5:14
glowing Reebosound 1:00
go to bed world Reebosound 3:25
gone Reebosound 2:36
hello Reebosound 2:28
hey you! Reebosound 2:41
hole in the sky Reebosound 2:16
I know what to do when I don´t know what to do Reebosound 0:56
juicy black REEBOSAOUND 3:53
leave this city Reebosound 3:15
mother earth Reebosound 1:29
number Reebosound 3:35
old friends from planet nine Reebosound 2:34
poor old sun Reebosound 2:57
revolution REEBOSOUND 2:23
ruins Reebosound 1:07
starship Reebosound 4:30
that gun Reebosound 1:46
the ocean REEBOSOUND 3:43
whatever you say it´s alright Reebosound 3:35
woo hoo Reebosound 2:25