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The music of Wolfram Gruss has been a landmark in the world of electronic music since the first self distributed release “The Urban Music Box” in 1996 which he released under the name PNFA. He already started at the age of nine to become obsessed with making electronic music on his own, which is why he composed sounds and samples already in the nursery with his Commodore Amiga 500, that he got for pocket money savings. Really hard work over years enabled him to have his first little representable basement studio ready by the age of 15 which is also when PNFA was founded. Ever since PNFA serves DJs and a growing listenership with different styles of electronic music. Every year a new album and a bunch of EPs are released. Under the pseudony Magnus Moone he produces music for feature films and commericals.

Wolfram's music has also reached a world wide audience by countless placements in films, documentaries, computer games, campaigns, fashion shows, etc.

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
111 PNFA 3:41
A Break in the Clouds PNFA 5:44
Again PNFA 6:35
Again (Vanilla Spiller) PNFA 7:41
Along The Way PNFA 6:01
Binder PNFA 7:46
Blue PNFA 4:39
Cheeks PNFA 4:35
Climb Flight PNFA 5:17
Close to You PNFA 5:03
Color Dust PNFA 6:19
Concho PNFA 7:22
Cotton Candy PNFA 3:16
Crossings PNFA 6:13
Eight PNFA 4:26
Feel It Rise PNFA 7:12
Fiberfunk PNFA 4:04
Fight the Feeling PNFA 5:15
Get it On PNFA 5:23
Glye PNFA 8:05
Going Out PNFA 3:39
Green Eyed PNFA 4:29
Green Storm PNFA 5:48
Heartbeat PNFA 5:53
Hexilon PNFA 7:48
Homerun (Compressed Version) PNFA 3:34
I Have A Good Feeling About This PNFA 3:27
I'm Not A Poet PNFA 6:16
I'm Not A Poet (Short Story) PNFA 3:57
Immerge PNFA 6:02
Kara PNFA 5:38
Keating PNFA 7:02
Kingdom Of The Blind PNFA 4:37
Late Night Show PNFA 3:39
Magic Mustard Machine (Dj Friendly) PNFA 3:54
Miles and Miles PNFA 5:37
Miles and Miles (But Slowly) PNFA 5:06
Miles and Miles (Long Distance Club Remix) PNFA 8:46
Mind No Gap PNFA 5:57
Modules PNFA 6:56
Nile99 PNFA 5:05
Now PNFA 6:38
Optical Encounter PNFA 3:55
Painted Woof PNFA 3:19
Paper Boat PNFA 3:52
Polybean PNFA 7:26
Push It (Seance) PNFA 5:58
Radiate PNFA 7:18
Resist PNFA 5:51
Ride PNFA 5:25
Roots PNFA 5:12
Salt PNFA 3:53
Schwarzes Eis PNFA 6:57
Scypho PNFA 6:31
Second Sunrise PNFA 3:06
Seize PNFA 7:10
Seize (Video Edit) PNFA 4:18
She Found Moments PNFA 4:25
Soul Fly PNFA 5:48
Soul Fly (Low Fly) PNFA 4:37
Star Wire PNFA 6:38
Starwalk PNFA 5:02
Sylmar PNFA 5:09
Talk To Me PNFA 5:08
Temple Monkey PNFA 4:46
The Fourth Quadrant PNFA 6:07
The Fourth Quadrant PNFA 6:07
The Hive PNFA 6:11
The Hive PNFA 6:11
Theme For A Lazy Sunday PNFA 4:13
Treetop PNFA 7:01
Tumble Weed PNFA 4:25
Ultimate Switch PNFA 6:44
Underground River PNFA 4:27
Upstream PNFA 5:30
Water Path PNFA 5:29
Wet Floors PNFA 5:16
Wise PNFA 3:33
World Lift PNFA 6:30
Zigot PNFA 7:25