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SoundMaker is a project of trip hop experimental music. They share a common place where all of us often meet - the home of multidisciplinary fantasy and subtle symphonies, which comes from the inside. Their music creates a world ready to embrace us, full of color and fantasy, which can be heard in their first EP (SoundMaker) released in 2012.

SoundMaker was found by Samuel Coelho, a musician who continuously challenges himself to build a handful of symphonic feelings and harmonize them with his guitar, violin, TENORI-on and any other source of sound making. The project counts on the voice of the storyteler Saphir Cristal, Sérgio Marques on the drums and electronics, Carina Albuquerque on the cello gives the classical elegance to the melodies and Nanu with his synergistic bass.

Since 2011 the SoundMaker have been playing several concerts around Portugal. They were recently awarded the first prize in “FundaSound – IV Contest of Pop Music of Guimarães” (part of the European Capital of Culture 2012) :D

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Back To The Old Days SoundMaker 3:03
Bailarina SoundMaker 3:39
Barco de Papel SoundMaker 3:56
Burlesque SoundMaker 3:10
Cosmos SoundMaker 3:01
In 2 The Ligth SoundMaker 6:30
Love To Love You SoundMaker 3:52
Strange Place SoundMaker 3:58
Zen Station SoundMaker 3:06