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Norwegian Glam Metal artist

Within the Melodic Rock & Metal landscape, Norway's VITNE (meaning "witness" in Norwegian) stands out as a different voice in a sea of modern similarity, an air of minimalism amidst a genre known for excess. VITNE’s polarized approach to the genre is accentuated by his symphonic Japanese and Celtic undertones and naturally baritone voice, being described as “Billy Idol meets X Japan.” The introspective, triumphant feel to the music, as well as his tendency to move from heavy power metal-esque songs into tranquil, ambient pieces has led to VITNE's style being endearingly named "Zen Metal" by fans.

Fireworks Magazine described his sound as "a sort of laid-back, toned-down power metal style," with an "operatic-style about the singing in the way he soars cleanly above the music." Metal-Temple noted that VITNE's music has a "chilly and vibrant Gothic experience" and described him as a "multi-talented musician with a voice of an angel."

Songs by this artist

    Title Artist Time
Ascension Vitne 4:14
Cruisin' Vitne 3:27
Destroyer Vitne 2:41
Edge Vitne 4:10
Edge - Instrumental Vitne 4:10
Encephalon Vitne 3:05
Endless Blue Vitne 3:13
Escape Vitne 3:49
Far Away Vitne 3:44
Far Away - Instrumental Vitne 3:43
Fever dream Master Vitne 6:00
Fire Vitne 4:44
Horizion FINAL Vitne 4:34
I'm Feeling Deadly Vitne 4:00
It's Me Vitne 4:50
Jupiter Vitne 3:46
Jupiter - Instrumental Vitne 3:46
Lick You Up Vitne 3:30
Lion Vitne 4:14
Lion - Instrumental Vitne 4:14
Lost & Found Vitne 3:46
Lost & Found (Instrumental) Vitne 3:49
Make Believe Vitne 3:12
Make Believe - Instrumental Vitne 3:11
Masquerade Vitne 3:46
Masquerade - Instrumental Vitne 3:46
Misery Vitne 4:08
Misery - Instrumental Vitne 4:09
Nasty Habit Vitne 2:58
Our way FINAL Vitne 4:07
Requiem FINAL Vitne 4:58
Rest in Peace Vitne 4:26
Royal Nights Vitne 3:23
Say Goodbye Vitne 3:17
Say Goodbye - Instrumental Vitne 3:17
Silhouette Vitne 5:04
The Ocean Vitne 3:29
The Ocean - Instrumental Vitne 3:33
To The Sky Vitne 3:50
Turn back time Vitne 3:57
Under The Moonlight Vitne 3:40
Under the Moonlight - Instrumental Vitne 3:41
Vanquish the night - Instrumental Vitne 4:07
Vanquish the night Master Vitne 4:08
Winter Love Song Vitne 0:00
Winter Love Song - Instrumental Vitne 3:45